Youth & community connexions

Connecting communities and families Firmly together

Our Street based youth workers provide a range of pro-active & re-activestreet-based services to marginalised or 'at risk' young people aged 11 to 25, who engage in risky, criminal, or negative behaviours. Some of our pro-active services consist of: Our Gang Intervention and Community Engagement team moving around different parts of Enfield & Haringeyon Tuesdays and Thursdays,delivering a range of 1 to 2 hour accredited and non accreditedworkshops and taster sessions which will consist of: drugs & alcohol workshops, multi media activities, fitness sessions, sexual health information including free condoms,interactive conflict resolution workshops, personal goal setting programs and more. 

These programs will be targeted at young people who are involved in or are at risk of becoming involved in gangs, violence and antisocial behavior and will empower them to handle difficult situations and to really stop and think before they act, our focuses will be on providing life skills to young people to help them avoid delinquent behavior and resorting to violence to solve problems. These new programs will be to encourage leadership, decision making, employment readiness and communication skills through a variety of programs designed to redirect and support positive behaviour, prevent further gang involvement and other risk behaviours. Aswell as running programs our team will also bring specialist services and agency’s out to the young people who could not come in to use them because of issues such as crossing different gang territories, lack of finances & knowledge of services available. 

STREET BASE youth work

From our teams past experience and research we found that a majority of hard to reach, gang affiliated and vulnerable young people were out on the streets between the hours of 3pm to 10pm. So from Monday to Fridays these will be the times that our team will engage with young people on the streets, parks, estates and shopping centres. Our team will spend time developing a relationship of trust where they can challenge young people's behavior and attitudes towards themselves and others and provide opportunities to promote personal and social development & educational attainment. Our teams experience, knowledge & relationships with community members will enable our Gang Intervention and Community Engagement team to open new lines of communication between rival gangs, help to facilitate Trucesand mediating disagreements between gangs before they erupt in violence.