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Outreach Digital Entertainment

project is to amplify the voices of young people in the effort to inform policymakers, compel public action and highlight issues that young people care about. Each of our videos will be designed to shake things up, shouting out about the things that matter to young people, enabling them to tell powerful stories of personal and social change through digital mediawithout compromising on hard-hitting journalistic stories. Ourvideoswill cover a multitude of different topics that will be of interest to young people and the wider community. Issues such as: bullying, body image, jobs, crime, sexual healthand substance abuse will be covered, as well as entertainment features on beauty, 


fashion, politics, media, sports and cooking. The episodes will also challenge the viewer’s to think differently by supporting the development of fresh thinking through original online content and programming designed to inspire and inform them. 

Allowing us as a new YouTube Channel to develop much more creative, culturally relevant & appropriate responses to young peoples needs for example: preserving local history, educating residents about their area, documenting opportunities available for young people andproviding information which improves the quality of life for young people in our local community.All of the episodes will be shared on our new website, as well as our tumblr, Facebook and Instagram pages. As well as interviewing young people some of the other ways we will collect there thoughts and opinions will include, Drawings, discussions, Written evaluations, feedback forms and Audio diary’s which will all be collated and put together by our volunteers in our YouTube videos. Most of our edited episodes will normally last approximately 5 to 8 minutes and will include subtitles, captions, voice-overs, cutaway shots and music. Our videos will also be used to capture our Young People’s oral history; whilst also enabling people within the community to get a better insight into the realities of what young people are actually facing and sparking new discussions on how to best meet there needs.

--  more new and exciting videos Will be added weekly  --