Lucas Campbell - age 18

My names rose and I’m a 22 year old university student studying psychology. Last year I completed my duke of Edinburgh award, shortly after i went on a residential trip which helped me develop my leadership skills and work well in teams. In the near future I would like to be a doctor in psychology working with young adults who have had to deal with a number of issues throughout their lifetime and need that extra support. My main role at the youth center is mentoring and engaging with the young people. Due to past experiences growing up in north London, it helps me easily appeal to the young people and enables me 

NYCC has been an inspiration for me it has helped me get over stage fright. Another thing NYCC has done for me is build my confidence as any other person in the club. North side youth club has helped me network with other artist and meet new people I think that young people will benefit from the friendly fun atmosphere. And it keep teenagers off the streets which I think is a good thing. The things I learnt are

Tanischa Smith - age 22

leaflets and handouts available for young people at the center. 

some of the programs we run in our youth center consist of (Cooking sessions - designed to get the young people eating and cooking more healthily whilst developing significant life skills, Video production programs - that utilize digital media to challenge the young people to think differently through original online content, Street Dance sessions - designed to build their self-confidence and make new friends, Creative Art workshops - which are open to anyone who’s interested in exploring their creative side, Sporting Activities - designed to improve their hand and eye coordination, keep fit and release stress). 

​The difference that NYCC has made to me is that I am more focused on things that are important such as education. It has made me relies how vital education is for a young person NYCC has provided a lot of great opportunities for me as a young person and has pushed me to achieve in everything I do and has given me the motivation to follow my dreams. If I did not have the north side youth center I would probably be hanging around on the roads till late and not care about getting a good education.

During my time here I have met new people and have gained more confidence in myself and when talking to others I have been on enjoyable experience for example trips ETC its given me things to do which is educational I get to do numerous things and get good opportunities to go to.

to give them advice they can relate to. Although mentoring helps get a vivid insight into the young persons life. Practical activities such as cooking sessions can teach the young person how to cook a meal, how to work in a team and basic life skills at the same time, Some important traits that will come in very useful in their future.

Rose Judith mee - age 22 

Florencee age - AGE 18

William lakeman - age 15

them and grow in confidence and self-esteem. Our center aims to meet the needs of the young people quickly and effectively and offers (modern PC facilities & resources, one to one support, IAG, sexual health including free condoms, housing support, training & volunteering opportunities). Alongside these services we have a wide variety of 

future. Working at NYCC helping young people definitely inspired me to further my knowledge on why young people of today behave the way they do how I could help them by giving them the correct guidance and advice from previous experiences as i wish I had someone to help me when I was growing up. 

We are currently running a three night a week open access youth provision on the border of Enfield and Haringey. This service enables us to support, develop and empower hard to reach, marginalized, disaffected and disengaged young people aged 11 to 25 who live within the boroughs of Enfield and Haringey. Our youth center is responsive to the immediate needs and concerns of the community and its young people and operate two days a week between 4pm to 9pm. 

Our center offers information, advice and support service’s aimed at helping young people acquire and develop personal and social skills, gain knowledge and understanding of the issues that affect 

My names Tanischa I'm 23 years of age, I live in north London and I became a youth support worker because I too a young person had troubles when transforming from a teenager to a young adult, and I found attending NYCC youth centre helpful as it kept me out of trouble and helped me realise the decisions I was making could effect my future as the path I was going down wasn't the correct career path for me. Now I’m happy with the choices I made as I'm now an university student studying psychology hoping to bring back my knowledge and help young people and young offends in today's society as they are our 

northside youth club

Youth & community connexions

1. Studio technician   2. Making my own instrumental   3. They helped me push my talents
4. Helped me communicate 

It’s given me confidence to overcome shyness and meet new people. If I were not at the youth Centre I would probably be doing something else. What you notice is that people that attend the youth center become more out spoken the more they attend If I did not go to NYCC I don’t know how my life would went probably down the crime route. They provided loads of service and opportunities I like doing photography. I enjoyed going here so I started to volunteer and saw this as something I could enjoy doing so honestly don’t know what I would do with out them. 

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Aysa ramsay-peters - age 17 

Connecting communities and families Firmly together

Youth work is about helping guide vulnerable young people in the right direct and help give a sense of morality if needed while challenging their views. The youth are our future and we need to motivate them to do better in life. Most importantly overcoming societies stereotypes of the youth. When I was 13 I use to attend the youth center that NYCC was running at the time, five years later I decided to come back and volunteer myself. At the age of 18, I went through my fair share of situations and incidents which made me want to better my life and help others around me. I wanted to help give back to my community and help the youth who needed that push like I did. When I first joined NYCC I was classed as a young volunteer where I got to know the young people by engaging in activities. A year later I got the title of youth support worker where I planned a session on life skills which I felt a lot of young people would of learnt from.