Youth & community connexions

In July 2011 NYCC formed a successful partnership with Enfield youth support service to deliver activities and programs based out of Croyland road youth centre over the three years we work together we engaged with thousands, of young people to develop the personal and social skills and qualities they need for learning, work, and the transition to adulthood including self regulation, relationship building, and decision-making. ​We also encouraged young people from different areas to come together and take part in our activities and programs, providing them with exciting opportunities they wouldn’t normally have access to. It was important to us that all the young people that attended our provision developed the skills needed to participate and succeed in the job market. we 

                                                                                                                             behavior and will empower them to handle difficult situations and to really stop and think before they act. our focuses will be on providing life skills to young people to help them avoid delinquent behavior and resorting to violence to solve problems. 

These new programs will be to encourage leadership, decision making, employment readiness and communication skills through a variety of programs designed to redirect and support positive behaviour, prevent further gang involvement and other risk behaviours. Aswell as running programs our team will also bring specialist services and agency’s out to the young people who could not come in to use them because of issues such as crossing different gang territories, lack of finances & knowledge of services available.

northside & croyland partnership

Our Street based youth workers will provide a range of pro-active and re-active street-based services to marginalised or 'at risk' young people aged 11 to 25, who engage in risky, criminal, or negative behaviours. Some of our pro-active services will consist of: Our Gang Intervention and Community Engagement team moving around different parts of Enfield and Haringeyon Tuesdays and Thursdays, delivering a range of 1 to 2 hour accredited and non accredited workshops and taster sessions which will consist of: drugs & alcohol workshops, multi media activities, fitness sessions, sexual health information including free condoms, interactive conflict resolution workshops, personal goal setting programs and more. These programs will be targeted at young people who are involved in or are at risk of becoming involved in gangs, violence and antisocial  

edmondon green youth club

--  Northside's PAST and PRESENT programs & Activities --


edmondon green dance studio

In September 2009 we had allot of interest from young people that was interested in doing street dance activities and programs, but couldn't afford a dance studio so in in response to this we formed links with a company called the Art Zone in the Edmonton green shopping center, the company had empty and disused space and agreed to work with us to apply for a grant to turn one of the disused rooms into a new dance studio and we were successful the young people supported by the youth workers painted decorated and help to build the dance studio.

Local dance groups began to utilize the space and in return they trained other young people in dance, because of this some of the young people ended up going to college and uni to study dance and some of them got on sky’s got to dance TV show and was in street dance the movie as extras and Some of them became volunteers and staff within our youth club. 

Connecting communities and families Firmly together

edmondon green music studio

In April 2010 we worked with the Metropolitan police & the Youth Engagement Panel to put together a youth recording studio working with NEET young people, gang members, ex offenders & hard to reach young people. We also formed partnerships with local community groups such as ECYPS, Simply Ventures, Met housing trust, Enfield Homes & Point Blank to help increase the range and level of quality services, programs & activities available to children & young people living in Enfield. These services included educational, recreational, and social activities that were designed to engage them. In May of 2011 NYCC were awarded the Community Shield award in recognition of our dedication and achievements whilst working with young people in Enfield, by the Association of Voluntary Youth Clubs (A.V.Y.C).

In November 2009 due to the high level of gun and knife crime affecting young people within the boroughs of Enfield and Haringey we decided to create the Northside Youth Club which was based within the Edmonton Green shopping centre this service was set up as a neutral location, enabling any young people no matter what area or gang they were from could come down and get involved in different activities in the goal was to create a safe, secure, welcoming, open and accessible environment. We encouraged young people from different areas to come together and take part in our activities and programs, providing them with exciting opportunities they wouldn’t normally have access to  

offered the young people a number of opportunities for them to develop the skills, knowledge and work experience they need to reach their full potential part of that was developing issue based workshops based on young peoples’ needs that encouraged young people to make informed choices in order to promote healthier lifestyles. At the youth center we wanted the best for our young people.

We wanted them to have access to the best opportunities for learning, which was personalised to meet their diverse needs, interests and aspirations. From July 2011 to April 2014 some of the main benefits to the children & young people that attended the centre included increased confidence, learning new skills, making decisions for themselves, & feeling more confident about asking for help & information. Almost three in five (58%) reported that youth work had helped them understand people who are different from themselves, (73%) said their youth club had provided support with schooling and education, (80%) said their youth club helped them to know right from wrong, (71%) said their youth club helped their career development and nearly half (48%) thought that their involvement in youth work activities had improved their prospects of getting work. 

Over the course of our Northside Youth Club the young people got to know our youth workers and new that if they need help, we’d be there to help them. The team drew on these relationships to run gang and knife crime awareness workshops as well as sports, media and art programs including practical first aid sessions, interactive conflict resolution workshops and personal goal setting programs. Our overall aim was to deter the young people away from any crime & antisocial activities and enabling them to learn new skills, understand their own capabilities and empower them to make well-informed choices.